Private Presentation Coaching

Let’s work together to be fully prepared for next your presentation.

For an hour and a half, I’ll give you feedback on your performance and a second set of eyes on your material so that you can be sure that your presentation is ready for an audience. I want you to walk away feeling, “this presentation is done,” or “I know what I need to do to finish it.”

I will show you the secrets of staging, appearance and control of your surroundings through my career teaching storytelling, public speaking, speechwriting, stand-up, improv coaching, job interviewing, facilitating panels, writing and body language to thousands of people, and I’d like to bring this wide range of skills to bear on your project.

Together, we will find a true, powerful and professional voice and style that are distinctively yours. The confidence this provides will make you feel more at ease, and you will learn to tell stories that compel audiences large and small to take action.

Group Presentation Coaching

This workshop covers the basic building blocks of writing scripts and performing in public. You will come away having learned my simple strategy and the necessary materials for creating the text and performance that will win you the kudos you deserve.

To plan a private consultation, please contact me here.

For a group class, please register here.

Topher sharpened my presentation and my speech (making it a huge success). I was more confident and poised thanks to Topher’s expert advice. He is an energetic and focused teacher who improved my presentation immensely and more importantly, gave me skills and tips that I will use for a lifetime.
— Danielle Shapiro
Topher has a talent for stage presentation—movement, how to keep an audience engaged, how to structure your content. Such a great asset for creating a quality talk.
— Megan King, adventure coach at
Topher gave me really effective techniques on stage presence, thinking creatively, and developing my voice.
— Shelly Kim