Business Workshops

Improv Sessions for Teams

You cannot plan and prepare for each and every challenge. There are turning points that cannot be foreseen. To respond to changes, you can’t plan what you will do, only how you will do it. The only way to prepare is to master the ability to act as a team. In this session, you’ll get up on your feet, laugh with each other and actually see improvements in your team in real time.

Topics explored:

  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Communications

Results achieved:

  • Positivity
  • Trust
  • Connection

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Wellness Corporate Solutions

“Topher created a fantastic session that kicked off our entire retreat. It was so fun, engaging and memorable! It was very effective in setting the stage for our entire meeting. It created a new lightness in the group and a very fluid way of building on one another’s ideas during our retreat. This collaboration has endured beyond the retreat. Interestingly, even our CFO said it was the best part of the day! I’d highly recommend including Topher in your organization’s planning meetings!”
— Susan Torroella, executive vice president

Sibley Innovation Center – Sibley Hospital

“Our group of hospital staff was a little reserved when Topher arrived, but within a few minutes he had us playing hilarious games, acting out wild scenarios, and laughing heartily with each other. Topher's exercises really brought our goal of having a supportive, ‘yes and’ work environment to life. We can't wait to have him back again.”
— Frankie Abralind, experience designer


“Regarding long-term impacts, I have observed that individual team members actively work to support each other, both during long-term projects and during high-adrenaline times that require quick-turnaround delivery. Being able to rely on each other during these times, and to have the confidence to improvise in creative ways to solve problems in short time frames, is critical to the success of my team.”
 — Carrie Stokes, chief geographer & GeoCenter director, US Global Development Lab

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