Over the last 25 years, I have taught thousands of students and done hundreds of improv shows. I’ve won three FIST tournaments and coached 75 FIST teams, including last year’s winner. I can sing an improv solo, and I like to do entire shows with someone from the audience who has never seen improv before. I want to share this experience with you.

I’ve worked one-on-one with 50 improvisers of every level of experience. My goal for these sessions is to have a great deal of fun and to offer some pieces of direction that will transform the way you play and deepen your understanding of improv.

For the session, we will talk on the phone a bit before we get together so I can decide what exercises would most benefit you (or if I need to create some). When we meet, we’ll talk briefly about what I think we should work on and play together.

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LOCATION:  Silver Spring [Forest Glen Metro Stop]
COST:  $45 ($5 discount for current improv students)
TIME:  Workshops are 1.5 hours

Topher hits it right on the nail when it comes to understanding the obstacles I often face when performing. I felt as though the exercises performed in the one-on-one really tailored around the issues I had been experiencing. I am definitely looking forward to the next session.
— Taunya Ferguson
Topher’s razor-sharp observations, precise notes, and individualized attention deepened my awareness of unhelpful tendencies I often exhibit while performing — and showed me effective ways to get beyond them.
— Darnell Eaton
Topher helped get me through the ‘improviser slump’ I was going through and inspired the fun and joy of improv again. He’s an engaging, focused, and thoughtful teacher and the one on one time I had with him was extremely valuable. I killed in my show that night because of him.
— Michael Bird
The workshop that we did really was so impacting on me. I was able to generally concoct real (and really funny) three dimensional characters quite easily. I impressed myself and have grown so much as an improviser and as a person in such a short time thanks to you and that single hour back in D.C. in the midst of hundreds of hours in Chicago.
— Steve Calamia

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