It’s time to FIST!

Whether you are aiming to win, or you just want to do as many shows as possible up the bracket, FIST is a great opportunity to learn and laugh with your friends.

I will help you to create a unique format based on your shared strengths, deepen your bond and understand the tricks that will give you the advantage.

I’m a totally sweet, experienced, and supportive coach with experience working over the last few years with nearly 100 FIST teams of every experience level. You’ll get group and individual feedback that will help you grow as an improviser and have the most fun legally/physically/emotionally possible.

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LOCATION:  Silver Spring [Forest Glen Metro Stop]
COST:  $90 per session or $240 for three sessions
TIME:  Workshops are 2.5 hours

He coached our team, seeded 73rd of 100, to 2nd place last year. Nobody believed we could do it, except Topher. Want to blow your friends’ minds and expectations of your improv? Work with him.
— Boy Meets Dawson's Slayer by the Bell
Topher’s coaching made us the team we are today. And that team is the team that won FIST in 2015. Do you want to win? Hire Topher.
— Going to the Movies Alone
FIST Winner:

2011–Bipolar (w/Ken Hays, Mikael Johnson)
2010–Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (w/Tyler Korba, Molly Murchie)
2007–Werewolf McButterbone (w/Dave Johnson, Zack Phillips)

FIST runner up:

2009–Anant Nag (w/Patrick Gantz, Dave Johnson)
2008–Justin Purvis Rules (w/Dan MacAvoy, Joe Brack)

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